TP6000 provides a real-time graphical display of terminals and loading activity. Terminal personnel can easily view the loading activity from the TP6000 main display screen, which is customized to each terminal's specific layout. In addition some configurations allow for individual loadspot zoom views and preset zoom views.

Various information such as flowrate, preset amount, batch complete percentage, flowing indicator, totalizers can all be viewed from the TP6000 Plus screens. Preset alarms are immediately reported and can be viewed and cleared by the terminal personnel.

TP6000 Plus archives all batch, transaction, load and alarm information into standard MS Access tables. This allows the terminal to monitor load information, generate special or"one time" reports and easily transmit load information to another computer. All load information captured from the electronic presets are stored into the TP6000 Plus archive databases. Tasks such as Additive Mass Balance reports, can be easily generated. Identifying when specific alarms occurred at the terminal, or identifying what alarms occurred on a specific preset are easily generated from the Event archive database, using simple SQL Structured Query Language commands that are provided on the screen.

TP6000 as an archiving and data
collection system...

TP6000 plus logs all alarm, event and load information into archive databases on the computer's hard disk and does not require a dedicated logger printer. This simplifies the archiving and backup of this data by using electronic media to store this information. However because this information may be required to be printed along with end-of-day reports, etc., a report printer is recommended in addition to the Delivery Ticket Printer. this printer can be an ink-jet or similar printer for professional looking reports.

Preset Information Display (Danload 6000)

Transaction Database

Because TP6000 Plus utilizes standard, off the-shelfpackages, terminal personnel have the ability to modify existing reports, create new reports and change the Delivery Ticket format without requiring any modifications to the TP6000 Plus

Off the-shelf Packages....

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