Press a single key, even during loading, to display a dynamic flow parameter list of user-selectable variables, choose up to 16 via system set-up. Variables such as current temperature, flow rate, blend percentage, pressure and density can be displayed. Indicates Alarm, Operation Mode (Auto, Manual, Power removed from display/ keypad due to internal temperature limit), Permissive Power. Especially useful when two separate and distant display/keypads are required from one preset (double-sided loading) or remote control applications are required.

Two communications ports, one RS485, the other either RS232 or RS485. Communicates via industry standard Modbus RTU protocol to a Host System; transmit and receive flow /configuration data and load transactions.

Five pre-programmed valve control options: Standard Digital, Standard 2-stage, Dynamic 2-stage,1 Stem Switch and 2 Stem Switch.

Built-in assistance with pipe, tank, and master-meter proving. for action to be taken. Display shows several prompts and options simultaneously, giving the user a top-down approach in configuring the system. Ability to control up to 4 loading arms with independent meters and valves, loading only one arm at a time .