Data Accessibility
Although excellent facilities exist for the display of data within AWAX, some engineers like the ability to export data to a spreadsheet or comma separated text file. AWAX can transfer live data to a Windows standard spreadsheet, giving on line access to either the current value or a trend history of multiple inputs. CSV files can be created either automatically or as directed by the user. For example the user can spool off data to a removable floppy disk on a week by week basis, this data can then be re-imported into AWAX at a later date and then re-displayed by AWAX graphics without affecting current data collection.

AWAX outstation

Although the current value of a system input is very important, a historical representation of the data point in the form of trend data is also important. AWAX keeps a running history of system inputs up to a user specified data limit. These historical values can be graphed using a powerful graphics/trending package which includes multi-level zooming, forwards and backwards scrolling and fast forwards/reverse. Up to 24 graphs at any one time can be viewed on screen. The graph formats can be stored so that upon entering AWAX, the system will open up at a user configured format.

Supervisory Control
Where control is required AWAX has very powerful facilities for the control of plant and equipment in the form of 'sequences'. These are on-line user definable mini-programs which provide a wealth of control possibilities. Sequences can be initiated from on screen buttons, the system menu or as a result of a changing system input. For example, a a sequence could be created to perform a complex plant shut down operation all from one press of a button. Since sequences can be edited and compiled on-line they are simple to create and modify and they can also be used to request operator input , display schematics, check inhibits before any control operation, in fact there is very little that one cannot do with an AWAX sequence.

Alarms Handling
AWAX has multiple alarm limits per system input and hysteresis capabilities reducing the risk of 'ghost alarms'. Limit messages and digital state changes can be routed to alarm and event lists as well as to printers, hard disk files, communication ports and/or pop up message boxes. The system is capable of multiple alarm and/or event list entries can be accepted and/or deleted by the operator. Alarms can also be used to generate pre-recorded audio messages via burst mode.

Calculation Package
AWAX provides facilities for complex math's operations which can be evaluated regularly or triggered from an event. For example, a pseudo variable could be treated to represent the volume of liquid through a pipe during the day given the flow. From that point on the resulting derived analogue is treated as an ordinary analogue value.

Operating Requirements
Hardware:  Any Windows 95 compatible computer
Operating Environment True native 32 bit version for Windows 95/NT or 16 bit for DOS or Win 3.1
I/O Devices  PLCs, intelligent I/Os networks PC bus cards, serial linked data loggers, outstations
Expansion  Networks, remote monitoring via PSTN, cellular and a full range of expansion    modules.