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  • The TP6000 Plus® System is a 32-bit Windows based software package that performs terminal access control, reporting, database maintenance, loading rack authorization and security, all within a user-friendly graphical environment. TP6000 Plus was designed to offer easy-to-use functions and use off the-shelf software packages with today's standards to make operating a terminal and accessing data easier than ever before.

    Typical Terminal Overview Graphic

    Remote Control sessions.....

    TP6000 runs on the Microsoft Windows NT® operating system, providing  32-bit processing for speed and efficiency. In addition, Windows NT® provides for all the networking and communication standards widely used today to make accessing the system and its data easier than ever.


    TP6000 provides true 32-bit processing and ODBC access...

    For data access and reporting, TP6000 Plus uses ODBC Open Data Base Connectivity to provide an "Open" System architecture. ODBC is supported by most all databases which makes the processing of the TP6000 Plus data, database independent. This provides for open access to the data and an excellent source to reporting and ticket printing needs. TP6000 Plus utilizes Crystal Reports® which is an extremely powerful and widely used off the-shelf report generator. All the reports in TP6000 Plus, including the delivery ticket, are generated using this package. TP6000 Plus provides all the necessary runtime software to view and print these report from within the environment. However, with the Crystal Reports` software, terminal personnel can easily make modifications to existing reports or generate new reports which can be linked into TP6000 Plus to customize the data to the terminal's specific needs.

    System Requirements

    • Intel Pentium >PIII, 128MB RAM, 256MB Recommended

    • 500MB HD, SVGA Monitor, 1024x798 256 colours

    • 1 RS485 serial port per comms channel

    • 2 printer ports, 1 parallel, 1 serial, 56k modem

    • Windows NT® or Windows 2000® Operating System, 2 Printers

    • Crystal Reports 8.0 , pcANYWHERE 32 (optional)