The DanLoad 6000 Electronic Preset provides single and multiple stream batch-loading for trucks, rail, marine, aviation and other terminals.

The unit is an AC powered microprocessor-based instrument capable of flow control, flow measurement, additive injection and blending. It incorporates modern technology in an efficient, cost-effective, self contained, explosion proof unit.

Various Plug-in cards provide the flexibility to meet specific user needs, either as a stand-alone preset or as part of an Automation System.

Main features...

The display is carefully engineered to be read easily from typical distance in any light. Automatic contrast and backlighting adjustment, for both light and temperature conditions, provide excellent readability, day and night.

Self-contained enclosure, Nema 7, Nema 4x, and certified to EEx d IIB T6, encompassing a single graphics display, 18-key keypad, CPU card, power supply and configurable I/O boards.

Both sequential and in-line, proportional or non-proportional blending, up to 4 components. Base unit has I/O capacity to blend two components, either sequentially or proportionally. Program up to 30 recipes for stand-alone operation or use a host link to download an unlimited number.

Controls six additive streams, each with independent feed-back verification. Can measure additive pulses and transmit the volume back to the host system after each load, or on request as a total throughput amount. Also can control additive pumps and block valves.

User-configurable transaction archiving. Lets the user select data elements for the transaction storage file. Data record format to meet specific user needs.

Ten data logging options; choose which, if any, should be printed: none, some, or all of: Meter Ticket, Batch Summary, Transaction Summary, Alarms, Meter Proving Results, Program Mode Entry and Exit, Power Failure, Weights and Measures Switch Opened, Set-up Parameters Modified, Crash Memory Summary.

Temperature and Pressure compensation per American Petroleum Institute (API), Institute of Petroleum (IP), or linear methods.

Up to four meter factors for accuracy. Two measurement methods: fixed flow rates/meter factors, or linearization between meter factors.

A message EPROM allows text languages to be changed without changing the program firmware. Keycaps in various languages are also available.

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