Pentagon Electronics Limited

Daniel LR Turbine Meters are specifically designed for pipeline and loading rack service where a vital characteristic is repeatability. They achieve ±0.02% repeatability with batch-loaded light-hydrocarbon products. They offer excellent performance and extended service life even in streams "dirty" with pipeline rouge.

The primary reason for this superior performance with light hydrocarbons is the LR's lightweight rotor and free spinning, self cleaning, flow through ball bearings. Flow range does not have to be reduced for fluids with specific gravities as low as 0.5, and the meter operates on fluids with viscosity's up to 6 centistokes.

This versatile meter operates in any plane. It features patented expanding hanger to centre internals in the body. The standard design includes a flow-conditioner plate which allows a customer to operate without an upstream flow straightener if desired. When such a configuration is elected, meter-tube lengths and flexible hose lengths may be shortened accordingly, especially valuable with vertical loading racks. Daniel recommends that API recommendations be followed for pipeline applications.

  • 3" and 4" Sizes

        ANSI Class 150
        through 900

  • ±0.02% Repeatability

  • Rangeabilty better than 10:1

  • Linearity ±0.25%

  • Operates in any planes

Body                                              304SS
Flanges                                          Carbon steel ASTM A 105
Hanger blades                              Anodized aluminum
Hanger hub/Bearing support    Anodized aluminum
Rotor hub                                     Anodized aluminum
Rotor blades                                430SS

Flow conditioner plate              Acetal thermoplastic
Bearing races & retainers         Proprietary acetal-based thermoplastic
Bearing balls                              316SS
Internal fasteners                      316SS